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My Story

I have been a life coach for a while now, and am also certified by a respected facility in the field of life coaching, Jay Shetty Certification School.


A few things about my expertise in my own life: I am great at:

  • Coming back to happiness and peace after tough times,

  • Going from the feeling of surviving to thriving,  

  • Creating the space within myself for my best energy to thrive

  • Escaping uncomfortable situations (LOL),

  • Staying too long in situations that do not fit my purpose, and

  • Not a bad dancer. 

What was my journey into life coaching? Like so many others, my life story is full of goodness with a few stresses and traumas mixed in. My serial learning life that lead to life coaching:


  • Working in laboratories as a chemist.  It was fulfilling work with a lot of variety in its duties, but something was still missing. 12 years into this career, I went back to school for another career.

  • Athletic Trainer. This is where I truly began my life coaching journey.  I practiced sports psychology skills, helping the athletes with performance plateaus or fear of injury.  The performance coach within me began practicing her skills. 

  • massage therapy

  • foam roller therapy

  • kinesio taping 

  • meditation

  • black belt in karate

  • ballroom dance 

Along with my career journey, my personal journey in life had its ups and downs and many changes. It was difficult for me to reach out and ask for help of any kind. I became the, "I can and will do it myself!" kind of person. Through each transition in life, including divorces, loss, and traumas, I would read self help books to help me cope and get through to my next chapter of life. This is the way I began my self care studies into being receptive of help from others. Then, I was able to use a life coach and truly saw great benefit in having another set of eyes and ears on my situations.  It accelerated my progress more than I was doing on my own by giving me more clarity, and this is why I want to help you in the same way. 

In the end, I have the most satisfaction through living my purpose of helping YOU become your best YOU.  This is why I began life coaching full time. If you're ready to take the next step and want to explore working together, click the "next step" button.

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