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Massage Therapist

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Debra Rink

"Take a DRink of Life"


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Patrycja K says, 

I truly enjoyed working with Deb, she is such a wonderful soul whose desire is to help others find the strength and empowerment within themselves. This is what she did for me. During our sessions we mainly talked about my specific relationship situation I was struggling with, Deb made me dig deeper and helped me realize what it is that I truly want, what was stopping me from getting it and how to move the focus from the external situation into myself to feel good and at peace in everyday life. Deb's skills make her a great coach and everyone who uses her services will benefit from it!

Denise S says, 

“I had gained such incredible value working with Debra as my coach!!! She was amazing at really helping me find focus and clarity!!! I HIGHLY recommend, if you are struggling to get your $#!t together, using Debra as your guide!!!”

Jenna W says,

My sessions with Deb have been absolutely brilliant.  Deb is professional, astute and so easy to talk with.  I feel absolutely at ease with her and am always amazed by the astute observations she makes and the questions she asks, which always bring me to a place of further realization or understanding of myself or a situation I am exploring.  Thanks Deb!

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